LIVE Seminar: Registration of feed additives & overview of innovative applications

This seminar has been designed to give a practical overview on how to register a feed additive in the EU. You will learn how the registration process works, including the latest changes that apply after the implementation of the Transparency Regulation. Additionally, the presenters will also discuss several pioneer applications evaluated by EFSA as well as borderline cases between feed additives and veterinary medicines.

Learning outcomes
  • Understand the feed additive registration process
  • Learn what is the content of a feed additive dossier
  • Gain a practical insight into how to comply with the Transparency Regulation
  • Learn relevant aspects of the risk assessment provided for pioneer products

DATE » 09.11.2022

ORGANISER » Pen & Tec and Klifovet


MORE INFOS » www.pentec-academy.com/etn/registration-of-feed-additives-overview-of-innovative-applications/